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Iceland Weddings – Elopement Photographer Iceland


Welcome to our Tips & Advice, Services & Pricing Page. Here you can find what a – wedding in Iceland cost.

Iceland Weddings. Outdoor Elopements Iceland, Runaway Weddings, Icelandic Wedding & Elopement Photographer Packages – get married in Iceland.

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You can find here all our Services what we provide, Prices and Tips & Advice for your beautiful Iceland Wedding.

Here you can find our Photographer Iceland Packages, Services what we Provide and Elopement Packages to get married in Iceland. We also have on this Page Tips & Advice for Iceland Weddings

Get married in Iceland

Weddings & Elopement Packages to get married in Iceland – Elopement Photographer


Elope to Iceland Photo Package

2 Photographers

6-8 hours of Coverage

Planning & Location Advice

Online Gallery with Shop

Travel Costs

2500 USD


Elope to Iceland Photo & Video Package

2 Photographers

6-8 hours of Coverage

Planning & Location Advice

Online Gallery with Shop

Free Highlight Film

Travel Costs

3000 USD


Elopements in Cornwall UK

2 Photographers

4 hours of Coverage

Planning & Location Advice

Online Gallery with Shop

Free Highlight Film

Travel Costs


Iceland Weddings, Iceland Weddings, Iceland Weddings, Iceland Weddings

Review – Kind Words from Scott & Hayley

We married in September in Iceland and were lucky enough to have Patrick join us along with Jo (enchanted-brides) – 2 photographers for the price of 1! We were so happy with his company and the stunning images that came out of their work together. We are very awkward as a couple and not prone to public displays of affection but the pair put us really at ease and found the best lighting and framing for our photos. Honestly, if you want some really different and “moody” shots, just give the pair free reign and watch them work their magic!! Photographer Iceland, Wild Elopement Iceland, Photographer Iceland

Thank you so much for sharing our day and for being wonderful! Iceland Weddings, Iceland Weddings, Iceland Weddings

What to wear?

No matter the time of year you come to Iceland, you will experience some bad weather so let’s get you prepared! You’re going to get dirty, wet, muddy, cold but you will also be so satisfied that you survived and made special memories. It’s all part of your story of choosing Iceland. Embrace the blizzards, sideways rain and howling gales, you can do this! Remember, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” so wear layers, a big thick coat with a hood or a wooly thermal hat, good hiking boots and don’t forget your gloves.

Your Shoes

High heels are really not the best idea for an adventure elopement so choose comfortable hiking boots to wear with your wedding outfits! Make sure that your shoes are broken in before the elopement day. It’s also good to keep in mind that if you are doing an outdoor ceremony and looking to get some spectacular photos on top of mountains or behind waterfalls, it’s very likely that your shoes and the bottom of your dress will get muddy and dirty. Many of Iceland’s most spectacular locations take time to get to and are often muddy after rain or from the spray from the waterfalls. Bringing an extra pair of shoes is a good idea if you don’t want to wear your hiking boots for your ceremony or your wedding photographs

Your Dress

Traditional wedding gowns are not a good choice here. You’ll be walking, hiking, climbing, scrambling and rambling around so some styles are totally unsuitable for this type of terrain. Mermaid style dresses are difficult to move in and heavy thick fabrics will get you hot and bothered if you’re hiking. Choose lighter fabrics like silks, cottons and chiffon to keep you cool. If you’re eloping when the weather is colder, remember to bring some base layers along. Nude leggings are a real lifesaver to keep you warm and are great under your dress. Dress warmly for your outdoor winter wedding in Iceland even if you’re wearing a beautiful dress make sure you have a warm coat or shawl to put on top.

Your Suit

If you aren’t planning to hike, or you’re eloping in the colder months, a warm suit will definitely help but it will be too hot for you to wear in the summertime.If you are hiking a nice shirt and trousers will be much more comfortable for you to move in on your elopement day. If you are eloping in cold weather, thermal base layers under your clothes are recommended and will be a lifesaver!

Your Elopement Checklist for your small wedding in Iceland

Choose your stunning wild Location


Because Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, choosing your elopement location could prove difficult. So a good way to start is by thinking about what kind of scenery you love. Where will you find the perfect spot to say your vows to each other. Is it Waterfalls? Glaciers? Black sand beaches? Do you want to hike or would you prefer to drive to your chosen locations?

Pick your Wedding Date


Pick your wedding date. Research the weather in Iceland, choose your favourite season then pick your date! A weekday elopement will be much quieter, less busy and give you more privacy to say your vows.

Book Flights & Accommodation


Looking for flights and accommodation early is a good idea so you can find the best deals for your day. If you’re traveling internationally make sure your passports are up to date and make sure you have all your necessary paperwork ready too.

Choose Your Suppliers and book them early


It’s never too early to choose and book your favorite suppliers as most of them get booked out a year or 2 in advance so please enquire as soon as you possibly can to make sure they have your date available for you on their schedule!

Get in Touch

To start planning your wild and adventurous elopement in the Land of Fire & Ice with us please drop us an email. If you have not heard back from us within 48 hours please check your junk mail for a reply or resend your email. We look forward to hearing from you!


Jo & Patrick were amazing. They completely put us at ease. We had such a lovely time with them having photos taken across blustery cliffs and stormy beaches, an unforgettable and perfect memory. We’re really pleased with the photos and will treasure them forever. We can’t recommend them enough.

We couldn’t ask for a better wedding photographer… Her free spirit and amazing personality made us feel relaxed and comfortable. We got all what we were hoping for and more!! Our love and happiness were captured in the beautiful photos and we can’t stop smiling every time we see them. It brings back memories of how magical and special our wedding was… there is just not enough words to recommend Jo and Patrick

Struggling to find the words to truly explain our most perfect elopement experience with Jo and Patrick. It was real and raw and bonkers and just totally amazing! I feel so fortunate to have these photos as proof that it all really was just as magical as I remember! I am so super proud of them and have had family and friends gasping at the dreamy and otherworldly nature of them! I can’t thank you both enough! Your skills which seem to come so naturally to you have blown us away with photos far more beautiful than we could ever have wished for! Thankful and lucky to have shared our best day EVER with the best photographers EVER!!!


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